Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to Professional Organization

Welcome to our FAQ page, your go-to resource for all things related to professional organizing. Here, we’ve gathered answers to common questions about our services, process, and how we can help you declutter and transform your space. .

Whether you’re new to professional organizing or seeking clarity on specific aspects, you’ll find valuable insights here. Explore our FAQs to get a better understanding of how we can streamline your life and create an organized environment tailored to your needs. We’ve compiled answers to our most commonly asked questions about professional home organizing and our services. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How much does professional organizing in Dallas, TX cost?

Because every home, organizational need, and situation is unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to estimating the cost of your individual organizing project. We recognize that your requirements are special, and we offer comprehensive solutions designed just for you. After our initial consultation and assessment, we’ll create a personalized action plan that includes estimated hours and pricing for your project.

Do I need to purchase the supplies ahead of time or will you?

At Southern Roots Organizing, our full-service organization package includes comprehensive planning and procurement tailored to your needs. While the package covers the planning and procurement phases, product costs are billed separately. We work diligently to source the best products for your space, ensuring quality and functionality while providing competitive pricing. Rest assured, we focus on delivering the best value without compromising on quality. Our goal is to create a personalized and efficient organizational solution that fits your space and budget.

How does the process work?

From the first point of contact to the final reveal, we tailor what we do to make your experience easy, enjoyable, and stress-free.




Maybe you did a quick Google search for “professional organizers near me”, or maybe a close friend referred you to us. Whatever the case may be, your journey to organizational bliss starts with a quick 15-minute phone call.

This is our opportunity to cover the basics, like which areas of your home are causing you the most stress and what you’re hoping to achieve by hiring professional organizers.



In-home consultations give us the opportunity to assess your space, your routines, and any specific challenges within your home.

This phase is all about stepping into your shoes and experiencing your household from your perspective. That way, we can put together a tailored plan to get your place into tip-top shape!



We’re all about crafting customized plans that work for you and your family— because no two households are alike!

From taming the toy chaos in your kids’ bedrooms, to systemizing your pantry to perfection, or giving you the expertly-coordinated closet of your dreams, we have a one-of-a-kind strategy to make it happen.



There are a few details we’ll need to confirm prior to scheduling your home organizing project.

We’ll require your signature on our client agreement and an up-front payment to guarantee our availability. After that, it’s official!



Once you’ve signed off on our agreement, we’ll book a day to get started.

This is when we roll up our sleeves, tackle the clutter, and work our organizing magic!



We like to call this the “ta-da!” moment!

You walk into your newly styled and organized home, ready to be wowed, and we get to see your eyes go wide with amazement as you take in the transformation for the first time.

Ahh… do you feel it? That’s organizational bliss! And it’s what we do best.

*Custom package options available to fit your budget and needs.

What should I expect when hiring a home organizer?

As professional home organizers, we specialize in helping you conquer clutter and disorganization. Our approach is rooted in compassion and confidentiality, offering hands-on assistance to bring order to every corner of your home or office. Our experienced organizers begin by assessing your spaces and understanding your unique needs. From there, we craft a personalized action plan to guide you towards achieving your organizational objectives.

Once the action plan is agreed upon, we schedule your project date(s). On the scheduled date, our dedicated team arrives, fully equipped with the action plan in hand, ready to manage every aspect of your project from start to finish. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in decluttering your space and creating intentional, inviting, and organized areas that align with your vision.

Will you clean my house?

We’ll ensure the general area is neat and give a thorough wipe-down of the surfaces within the spaces we’re organizing. It’s important to note that while we maintain cleanliness to a certain extent, our services do not encompass tasks like cleaning, washing, scrubbing, or deep cleaning.

How can I prepare for my home organizing project?

While most of our clients prefer not to prepare for their projects, we do suggest a pre-purge of the space before our team’s arrival if you wish to reduce project costs. If you’ve already eliminated expired or unnecessary items, our team can then focus solely on sorting and organizing the items that are most important to you.

Do you install shelf liners?

Shelf liners serve as excellent safeguards for your cabinets and dishes, ensuring cleanliness and protection. We have a direct partnership with a top-tier manufacturer that specializes in premium shelf, cabinet, and drawer liners. These high-quality liners are meticulously customized to precisely fit the dimensions of your spaces. As part of our service, we’ll expertly install these liners before organizing your areas, ensuring both functionality and preservation.

Do I need to be involved in the process?

TThat depends on your goals for your space. If you’re looking to have a thorough purge and declutter before organizing, we recommend collaborating with our organizers. However, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, we can handle the entire sorting and organizing process. In this case, we’ll set aside items that appear to be expired, broken, or no longer relevant, such as nearly empty shampoo bottles or baby pacifiers from years ago. This way, you can easily review these items and decide what to keep and what to part with. Please be assured that we do not discard anything we believe you may still need or find valuable.

Do you take away donations and trash?

We provide the service of hauling away one car load of donations per day. Please keep in mind that we do not manage garbage disposal. Instead, we’ll bag the trash and place it conveniently in your garage for you to handle on your regular trash pickup day. If you have a particularly large project and need to dispose of substantial amounts of trash or donations, we can offer recommendations for businesses that specialize in handling such disposal.