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Part-Time Organizers

who you are..

Organized Dynamo

You excel in orchestrating order amid chaos, effortlessly crafting and maintaining systems that not only declutter spaces but also enhance overall productivity.

Versatile Virtuoso

Your adaptability shines as a virtuoso, effortlessly navigating through various challenges and seamlessly adjusting to evolving priorities.

Precision Artisan

Your dedication to detail makes you an artisan of precision, guaranteeing beauty and excellence in every task you tackle.

Innovative Thinker

Injecting a creative touch into problem-solving, you contribute imaginative ideas that elevate our organizational strategies, fostering a dynamic work environment.

Engaging & Approachable Maestro

Your contagious positivity and enjoyable demeanor create a lively and collaborative workplace. Coupled with excellent interpersonal skills, you not only accomplish tasks efficiently but also make clients feel at ease throughout the entire process.

what you will do…

On-site Project Commitment

This role entails working at client locations, requiring a comfort with commuting. Given the substantial amount of driving involved, reliable transportation is a must.

Flexibility Pro

The position offers a flexible schedule, averaging from 5 to 20+ hours per week as needed. It’s crucial to understand that there’s no guaranteed minimum number of hours, as this opportunity is on an as-needed basis.

Client Collaboration

You’ll collaborate closely with clients, tailoring and personalizing new organizational systems to seamlessly align with their unique lifestyle.

Team Player Extraordinaire

Demonstrating the ability to thrive in a collaborative work setting, you adeptly follow instructions and contribute to the team’s success.

Resilience Champion

With endurance for extended, physically demanding workdays, you can handle tasks that may involve lifting up to 40 lbs. Your physical resilience ensures that you meet the demands of the role with ease and efficiency.

How to Apply


At Southern Roots Organizing, we believe in the power of individuality and the unique qualities each candidate brings to our team. As you embark on this exciting journey with us, we invite you to share more about yourself through a comprehensive application process.

Start by completing the application form provided below. After that, we’re excited to learn more about you on a personal level. Please share your resume and a 2-3 minute video responding to the specific questions outlined below. These questions are designed to reveal the essence of your passion, leadership style, and how well you align with our organizational values.

It’s important to note that the video doesn’t need to be flawless; we understand that everyone has their unique way of presenting themselves. We value authenticity and genuine responses, as this is a crucial step in our candidate selection process. Feel free to showcase your personality and let your enthusiasm shine through!

Now, let’s delve into the questions that will guide us in discovering more about you:

  1. Passion for Organizing: What ignites a high level of enthusiasm in you when it comes to organizing? We are eager to understand what drives you and fuels your commitment to creating order.
  2. Unique Contributions: What sets you apart as a candidate, and how would your contributions prove valuable to our team? Highlighting your distinct skills and perspectives will help us envision the diverse value you could bring to Southern Roots Organizing.
  3. Work Style: Do you consider yourself a self-starter or a leader, or do you thrive more in team settings with clear direction? Understanding your preferred work style allows us to match your strengths with the dynamic needs of our team.
  4. Motivation: What motivates your desire to work with Southern Roots Organizing? We’re curious to learn about the factors that draw you to our mission and how you see yourself contributing to our shared goals.
  5. Personal Touch: Share an activity you enjoy during your free time, and feel free to provide any personal details you’d like us to know about you! Building a team is not just about skills; it’s also about fostering connections and understanding the unique qualities that make each person special.

Simply send the link to the video along with your resume to This will ensure that we have a comprehensive view of your application, allowing us to better understand the person behind the qualifications.

Your interest in joining our team is highly appreciated. Rest assured that we will diligently review your application. If a suitable position aligns with your skills and values, and we believe you would be a great fit for our Southern Roots Organizing family, we will reach out promptly to schedule an interview.

Thank you for considering Southern Roots Organizing as the next exciting chapter in your professional journey. We look forward to getting to know you better!