Reclaim Your Time and Serenity with Southern Roots’ Professional Organizing Services

Experience the impact of efficient organization – it’s more than just tidiness; it’s about taking back your time and reducing stress. Here at Southern Roots, we’re ready to assist you on this journey. Our personalized services are designed to streamline your daily routine, letting you focus on what truly matters. Ready for a more organized and stress-free life? Schedule your free discovery call today, and let’s find the perfect solution for you.



During the consultation, we’ll walk through your home to identify focal areas, understand stress points, and work together to develop effective organizational solutions.

Investment: $100

Organizing Services


Whether you’re initiating a new project, seeking completion, or simply in need of expert assistance, our team is at your service! Our Professional Organizers collaborate closely with you to instill order within your home. We not only establish effective systems but also impart valuable processes that you can seamlessly apply across various areas of your home.

Starting at $85/hr. for each Organizer

(projects consist of 2 or more Organizers)

Relocation Services


Prepare for a seamless transition with our comprehensive moving services. Our expert team begins by assisting with a pre-move purge and pack, ensuring a clutter-free and organized departure. With our Concierge Move Management, we handle all the intricate details, from logistics to coordination, making your move stress-free. Upon arrival at your new home, our services extend to complete setup, ensuring every corner is organized, styled, and ready for you to settle in comfortably.

Starting at $85/hr. for each Organizer

(projects consist of 2 or more Organizers)

Holiday Services


Elevate your hosting experience with our in-home organizing services tailored to prepare your space for entertaining guests. We specialize in unpacking and arranging holiday decorations to infuse your home with seasonal cheer. Our expertise extends to seasonal decorating and the meticulous tear-down process, ensuring everything is carefully packed, labeled, and stored away come January. Let us take the stress out of gift wrapping, adding an extra touch of elegance to your presents.

Starting at $85/hr. for each Organizer

(projects consist of 2 or more Organizers)

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