Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Do you need small pantry organization ideas!? Not every home has that dreamy large walk-in pantry but that doesn’t mean you can’t be organized and maximize the space you do have. Making organization decisions based on the space you have and the way you live your life will be key in having a life changing organized pantry. 

Here are some great small pantry organizing ideas:

1. Rearrange or Adjust Shelves

If you have the ability to change the height of your shelves, this can be the perfect way to make sure you’re not missing you optimize your space. Start from the bottom, and place your item organizers as desired, after that adjust the next shelf to the perfect height to accommodate the items on your first shelf.

2. Use Storage Bins/Products

Bins are perfect for organizing pre-packaged foods, snacks, and other loose pantry items. You can find many different types of bins that will suit your personal style. Personally, I love woven and wire bins with non-slanted sides so they can all line up in the most uniform way. I love the texture and style of the woven and wire bins to carry my home’s design style and aesthetic into my pantry for a cohesive flow. While function is the most important aspect of your pantry organization, I do love to make pantries look pretty too. You can also add 4. labels for extra organization points. 

3. Organize in a U-Shape

If you have a small pantry with deeper shelves, utilize the space by organizing items into a u-shape. Fill in the sides of each shelf, then fill in the back with more items. Therefore allowing you to see everything without needing to dig through an entire shelf stuffed full of items.

4. Utilize the Back of Your Pantry Door

There are so many ways you can utilize the back of your pantry door for added storage. The addition of an over-the-door rack, will allow you to easily organize things like cleaning supplies, dry goods, or spices. In addition, pan lid organizer strips such as these from Amazon will hold all of your lids for your pots and pans and free up valuable shelf or cabinet space. 

In conclusion, having a small pantry doesn’t mean you have to be short on space. With these space optimizing ideas, you’ll be seeing your small pantry in a whole new light. The options are endless! Happy organizing!

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