Elevate Your Holidays with Our Expert Holiday Decorating Services

“Experience the Festive Spirit Year-Round! With our holiday decorating services, you can enjoy a beautifully adorned home, creating a welcoming and joyful atmosphere for every season. Our trusted professionals will ensure your holiday decor is consistently stunning, so you can relax and savor the magic.”

Warming your hands around a mug of hot chocolate. Listening to the laughter coming from the dining room where your kids are gathered around the table, playing their favorite board games. Basking in the glow of your shimmering Christmas tree.

These are the holiday moments that bring you joy.

But the actual decorating and preparation? That’s a different story!

Enjoy a Stress-Free Start to Your Holiday Season

Imagine coming home to a dazzling winter wonderland. Plush stockings hang from the mantle of your fireplace, the warm glow of pine-scented candles illuminates your living room, and lush evergreen boughs line the banisters of your staircase. It’s perfect, and you can’t believe you didn’t have to do a thing!

This is the experience of hiring our professional holiday decorators. 

We transform your home into a magical dreamland, taking care of all the details and last-minute to-do’s, so you can simply show up and savor this blissful time of year.

Let Us Do the Decorating While You Focus on Celebrating

What We Do

We approach seasonal decorating the same way we approach other projects— with the understanding that every family and household is unique. We tailor our holiday decorating services to your needs and preferences, making sure your transformation is everything you hoped it would be. For this reason, no two projects are ever exactly the same, but there are core areas we can assist you with.

Our most popular holiday decorating services include:


No Christmas celebration is complete without the twinkling splendor of a well-decorated tree. Our professional holiday decorators will meet with you to discuss your vision for your festive focal point before carefully setting it up and making it sparkle. We’ll even shop for new decorations if you need them!


Whether you’ll be doing plenty of hosting over the holidays, or you simply enjoy having something to look at while you’re cuddled up on the couch with your family, mantles provide the perfect opportunity to add warmth and enchantment to your space. We can set up beloved Christmas village displays, hang stockings, or come up with new decorative display ideas to suit your needs— the choice is yours!


Your porch and entryway are your first impression when it comes to holiday decor, and we love transforming these spaces into festive masterpieces! Whether it’s a charming Christmas wreath, a suited-up nutcracker statue, or luscious greenery and burlap accents— we’ll thoughtfully place your items to create an image of holiday perfection.


A well-set and decorated dining room table adds an exquisite touch to any holiday celebration. We love designing eye-catching centerpieces and personal place settings that enhance the magnetic charm of your space. Our goal? To ensure your guests can’t stop raving about the ambiance of your home, from the moment they arrive to their final farewell!


There’s something quintessential about an expansive staircase that’s lovingly dressed for the holidays with garland, ribbon, or evergreen boughs. When you invest in our holiday decorating service, it’s a guarantee your guests will be captivated by the glimmer of ornaments and baubles as they admire this seasonal statement piece in your home.


Already dreading having to take down and pack away your holiday decorations? Skip the struggle with our tear down services! We’ll delicately remove your Christmas decor items, from wreaths to ornaments and stockings, and pack them into boxes with care so you can easily find and access them next year. Now that’s a holiday wish come true!


We can transform your home for any occasion! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day— if you need to decorate for it, we can help.

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